söndag 1 oktober 2017

:: Tips and Tricks with Ulrika aka LillBlomman #1 ::

I really love to be creative and share my work with the world! I have always been a creative soul and have all my life created art in different ways. For the last eleven and a half years most of my creative time have been dedicated to scrapbooking. I would love to share all that I have learned during the years and maybe my knowledge can be helpful for you?
So from now on I will add short but useful tips and tricks here at my blog.
It can be something for newbies or a trick for us old bags ;) Sometimes I will add a bit longer tutorilas and as today only one photo and a quick tip. 

#1 My first tips and tricks - Framing your work with a pencil

For me the details in my work is what makes it my own LillBlomman style. And a black line around the edges drawn with a black pencil can make a huge difference! Hope you agree with me :) 

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Romy sa...

Oh, these are awesome and adorable at the same time. I love your fabulous mixed media work and the lovely birdhouses.