lördag 26 november 2011

:: Lift at SWE week 47 ::

Another really simple and clean page from me:) We are lifting Svarta Malin over at SWE and this are my take on the challenge.

It not so often that Viggo laying down and read a book. But here I was quick with the camera. I pick my fave colors and cut some pieces and then I saw around them in black.

A stickers with some Rub-ons and only one Butterflie are my decorations.

I created the background by rolling a rollerstamp over the whole page. Love those stamps!

2 kommentarer:

Aase sa...

Underbart, du gör så fina alster Ullis!!! Tänk vad mycket du gör dessutom....
Har gjort några fina granar som någon inspirerat till i Inzpira :)


Åsa/asamia sa...

Å vilken fin!
Tack för supergott fika i lördags, skulle gärna vilja ha recept på den grönaktiga kakan i metallform.
Kram ♥