lördag 28 juli 2012

:: One night - One challenge ::

Some girls have started a Facebook group where they post challenges for just one evening. I´m a really slow scrapbooker and when I created this post it was my third project after started feeling better. So to create something in just a few hours are a big challenge for me;) This evening the challenge was all about words. I picked out a whole bunch of them- eye, light, dark, stamp, mask, messy, goals, turquoise, doodle, rub-on. I think that´s all of them?
First I created my background with lot´s of layers. I also added some of the word like stamps, mask/stencil, messy, rub-on and so on.
My pages are about my new goals in life. I want to have balance and health in my life. And creative freedom. No musts at all. There are so many things I want to learn and achive in my life.
The word eye are clear here:) I draw one eye and then I scanned it and made eight copies of it. I colored my Decoupage with some blue mist. I didn´t want it too white. Then I cut out them and made two Butterflies! I love Butterflies they are so beutiful and free!
My nickname and a lot of doodeling! Another of my choosen words from the challenge. I think I got them all besides three or four?
I love to play around my words! First PitPens and then my Permaball pen!
Lookie, lookie handwriting! Something very rare on my work;)
I looooove this Butterflie stamp! I got it from Panduro:)
On my pages I sprinkled Primas small and cute paper Butterflies. I tried to integrate them to the background but still create some cool textures!

4 kommentarer:

Angelica sa...

Helt underbart snyggt!!!
Du lyckas verkligen med utmaningen.
Underbara detaljer, älskar ögonen i fjärilarna. IMPONERANDE!!
Tack för all inspiration du sprider
Ha det gott!

Mimzy sa...

Vilken underbar journalingsida. Ser otroligt genomtänkt och välarbetad ut. Att du gjort den på en kväll låter helt fantastiskt.

Zora sa...

Urhäftigt, verkligen harmoniserande färger.

Eila Sandberg sa...

Woo hoo! vilken häftig tolkning av utmaningen, jag är djupt imponerad av både speeden du gjorde den på och själva det artistiska skapandet! Cudos! xoxo