måndag 27 augusti 2012

:: Prima BAP August ::

I´m having problems with Blogger at the moment? I can´t insert pictures from my computer with Photoshop? So until I can solve this problem I have to edit them in Picasa and upload from my Laptop. Oh well;) the world has much, much  bigger problems than mine;)

Today I created this page for Primas BAP August and for once I show the page the same day I created it:) I´m not happy with it but I had a nice time creating it:) That´s the most important to me:)
I often work really hard with details that are hardly showing when the page are finished;) This time I cut out circkles from a Prima paper and sew around all the edges. Hope you can see iy?
For the pictureframe I used two journaling cards and put them together. Behind the picture I used a cardboard from a empty package. I just think they are to pretty to throw away.
My boy love to play Hide & Seek out in the yard! This picture are from early spring this year.
Here the circles are showing better!
Many gorgeous flowers from Prima!

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LillBlomman sa...


morkaren sa...

Hvor er det smukt, skønne farver "tone i tone" blomster, rigtig skønt. knus morkaren.

Emelie sa...

Fantastiskt snyggt!

Gitte sa...

Super smukt layout. Lækre detaljer.

Mimzy sa...

Väldigt vacker layout, det syntes att du lagt ner mycket jobb på den.

Marita vs snojbi sa...

Heeelt Uuuunderbar