måndag 28 januari 2013

:: Gone Wild with Lilac ::

Oh well! Maybe not my best work but I had some fun creating it! I love purple and lilac and together with yellow it is really fun! I was pretty wild up in my studio :) All the flowers are from Strömstad Scrapbooking.

My boy is a sweetheart!

Love this flowers! Look at the Lilys and the Orchid! The small Butterflies are from Jenni Bowlin.


The Hellebores are available in different colors.

3 kommentarer:

Adriana B sa...

my fav colours purple and yellow :)

TheGirlWhohadAScrappingAddiction sa...

Wow! The background looks amazing! Those colours go so well together, I am working with latest Meg's Garden papers in the same colours!

Sara sa...


Älskar att du har kladdat så mkt på bakgrunden. :) Jag blir riktigt sugen på att göra layouter igen.