tisdag 26 mars 2013

:: Winterbox from Inzpira ::

I have a whole bunch of things to show you that have been published in the magazine Inzpira! First out a white box.
It was snow/winter theme in the magazine this box was published in. My ideas was that the box is a gift to someone who has a cold. Just fill it with throat tablets and handkerchiefs.
As a cool effect! I did the inside of the box in strong turqouice. I think I was inspired of "Vicks Blå" :)
On the lid I did a white flower cluster.
To get this effect I first used Multi medium and then I dipped the flowers in Rangers dry glitter. I really love this technique when you get the feeling of porcelain.
I used one of my embossing folders to get all dots and one Spellbinder die for the frames.

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Exquisite work, Ulrika!

Ziro sa...

Oj den där var verkligen ljuvlig! Sockersöt! Snyggt med den blåa insidan som bryter av mot allt det vita! Hmmm jag kanske skulle lifta denna med! :)

Sara sa...

Åh, den är ju superfin! :)

Anonym sa...
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Anonym sa...

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