söndag 19 maj 2013

:: Eurovision Song Contest challenge ::

At Stämpelfabriken I found a very fun and inspirational challenge! Every year Europe comes together for a huge song contest! Last year Sweden won so we hosted the event this year. The slogan for this year is "WE ARE ONE" and I also really like the Butterfly that is the logo for the event this year.

The Challenge was to be inspired by one of several pictures/artists at Stämpelfarbrikens blog. The boy who won and  represent Sweden is just fantastic but I found my inspiration from the young boy who came second when Sweden held their finals. He is just seventeen and  a huge star in Japan! He has his very unique, brave and very bold style and that I admire! His name is Yohio! My boy really like him! You can be and look however you want as long as you are a good person! So Yohio is my inspiration for my layout. This is how he looks.

This fantastic prize is what the winner gets from Stämpelfabriken!

I hope you can see were I found my inspiration! I used the pink and white for my color scheme with a little black for contrast. The brown is from Yohios eye color.
As a mother it´s so important to make my boy feel that he is great just as he is. Both soft and tough sides are welcome!
Yohio has a lot of bling on his costumes so of course I used that ;)
The Butterfly from the contests logo fitted nice here!
Lot´s of texture and layers. I used a heart stencil with some texture paste in the bottom and then played with acrylic paint, liquid acrylic and stamps.
The flowers represent Yohios feminine style and also my boys interest for smelling them!
And last I wanted to have the slogan from the contest on my page. I just love my country after yesterdays huge final! We are a country that allows people be who they are and love who they want to! That makes me very proud!!!! In Sweden the fathers stay at home half the time when the children are small and are as important as the mothers! WE ARE ONE!

5 kommentarer:

Bente Fagerberg sa...

Absolut helt underbar!! Vi har faktiskt varit i ett Eurovision-rus här nere hela veckan och försökt suga ut så mycket av det gottiga som möjligt.Nu sådär dagen efter känns det lite 'tomt' på något sätt. Ska nog också göra någon kul lo med något av fotona vi tagit. (Men såhär fräck kommer den inte att bli!) URLÄCKER!!

Kelly Foster sa...

This is absolutely fabulous!!! Love every inch of this beautiful and bright layout!

Tone-Lill sa...

It ia a fantastic story behind this LO, I love the way you have made it and have used such a stong caracter as your inspiration. The photos you have used are sooo adorable
Det var et fantastisk show Sverige fikk i stand til Eurovision igår :D

Cilian sa...

Så snygg Ulrika! Bara du kan få till en sådan här underbar LO. Gillar också hur du har tänkt med alla dekorationer. Wow!

Ulrika sa...

Mycket snyggt, och läckert med alla färger och medium!
Och du, vad snygg headern blev!! :-)