onsdag 18 september 2013

:: Romantic pink card ::

This card is kind of looking like a bed if you look closely ;) I thoght of bed linen when I saw the printed paper. So I created a bed in a card, kind of :) I have used supplies from Scraplagret.

Pink and green are so nice together!

I used two large flowers from Prima and some green leaves as decoration on my bed. I also used a Prima package under the bed linen. The two tags symbolizes two pillows. I got kind of deep today ;)

2 kommentarer:

Adriana B sa...

soft and pretty LOve it :)

Eila Sandberg sa...

He he it actually does look like a bed come to think of it! the sheets are really so pretty :)) Wouldn't mind taking a snooze among the sweet blooms! kramkram