torsdag 5 december 2013

:: Gift Tags with Inkido papers ::

Today I have three gift Tags to show you. I have created them with supplies from Inkido and for SWE Scrapbook "Julkalender". Every day from the first of December to the twenty-fourth we will show you different Christmas tips. In Sweden we celebrate Christmas Eve or Julafton on the twenty-fourth.

I made them in different color schemes. Decided after the colors on the Santas. All Santas are cut out from a 12x12 paper. I used some chunky embossing enamel on the edges.

White and silver feels like a winter day. The cute ribbon is also from Inkido.

And last a red one with Roses and hearts from Inkido.

I also want to share some good news! I will stay with Inkido for the next year! If you want to see the whole team 2014 follow this link.

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Wilma Voermans sa...

Lovely tags, I really should make some for christmas.