torsdag 2 januari 2014

:: Welcome to Inkido Blog Hop ::

If you arriwed from Stina Westbom you´re on the right path!

Welcome to Inkido Blog Hop! 
We are celebrating the new year and our new Design Team for 2014! 
The Blog Hop will go on from the 2nd to the 4th of January. To take part of The Blog Hop and have the chance to win fab prizes you need to visit us all and leave comments on our blogs. You will find secret words in some of the blogs. Collect them and build the right sentence.

You will find the whole Hop list and rules at Inkido!

My name is Ulrika aka LillBlomman and I live in Sweden. I have been a Scrapbooker since April 2006 and love it more and more for each day that passes! I´ve been on the Inkido DT during 2013 and will stay on for 2014 also! Yay! I also had a GD spot at Inkido in 2009. So you can see that I´m a huge fan of Inkido!

We will all tell you three things about something of our choice on this hop. My three things will be about my country Sweden. Maybe it´s fun to learn a little bit more about this small country in Scandinavia?

1. Population: We are about 9,5 million people in Sweden. Our capital is Stockholm (were I live) and we are a Constitutional Monarchy. That means that we have a king but he has very little power. The country is run by a Government who the people wote for. We have not been at war since 1814. In Sweden the father and mother share the parent leave and we get 365 days off from work when we have kids. We get about 80% of our salary. We also have something called "Allemansrätten" in Sweden. That means that you are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms in the woods. And you are allowed to walk freely on someone elses land as long as you don´t desturb and destroy in any way.

2. Geography and Nature: By surface we are the sixth largest country in Europe. 75% of the surface is forests. Our highest mountain is Kebnekaise with it´s 2104 meters above sea level. We have four seasons with cold winters and a record in 1966 with -52,6 degrees in Lappland. The highest recorded temperature is +38 degrees. Some of the cool wild animal we have in Sweden are Moose, Brown Bear, The Lynx, Deer and Badger. 

3. And some bragging: Some famous Swedish people and other stuff! IKEA, VOLVO, ABBA, Roxette, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Björn Borg, Nobel Prize, Astrid Lindgren ( Pippi Longstockning), Peter Stormare, Stellan Skarsgård, Max Von Sydow, Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Nyqvist, Malin Åkerman just to mention a few.

Here are some pics from my studio!

My secret word is : THAT

This is prize number one: The whole collection of the new line coming in January!

This is prize number two:  A choice of 12 Inkido papers!

This is prize number three: Vintage Dream pictures!

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20. Ulrika Blomfelt You are here now :)

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Ёжики (Yogiki-jl) sa...

It’s very interesting blog-hop! Nice to meet you!

Tone K. sa...

Godt Nytt År !
Ja, dere har mange verdenskjente svensker :) Mange minner med flere av dem.
Gleder meg til å følge ditt arbeid i 2014 :)

Frau_Muller sa...

nice to meet you!

Bellaidea sa...

I am so happy we are friend now /taliking about Poland and Sweden :)/ all the best in 2014!

Irit Shalom sa...

Totally lovely!
Happy NewYear!

Hera sa...

I really love your style!!! Your projects are amazing... So glad to be part of this team with you!!! A Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Monica sa...

ABBA ROCKS!!!!!! Wow you make your country sound wonderful.. so many wonderful items about it.
Happy New Year!!

magda sa...

Nice to meet you, Ulrika! :) Your scraproom is an amazing place, like it so much!

langeatheart sa...

It was so nice to meet you and all the other wonderful ladies. Thanks for playing along. Your scrap space looks awesome. Happy New Year and all the best!

Elfi sa...

This is interesting to learn all this things about sweden. Something I did not know. Your Blog hop is so funny. Thank you
all the best

Elaine coustley sa...

I am sure your scrap room is fabulous with all the photo mix I see some choice storage.x

Lindy Gillespie sa...

Happy 2014 - great to meet you...xo

Лика Петрова sa...

Totally lovely!
Happy NewYear!

natashka sa...

Happy New Year! It’s very interesting blog-hop!

Анастасия Паньшина sa...

Happy new year! Thank you for an interesting journey!

Kathleen White sa...

I love seeing all the different work spaces of the design team.

enchantmentsWanderer sa...

Nice to meet you. Your work is wonderful.

Beatrice Lawson sa...

Love your scrappy space! So glad you are on the team again, your projects are wonderful. I gave been following your blog for a while:-)