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:: My Creative Blog Tour ::

For a couple of weeks ago I was asked by my sweet friend Jelissa Mei if I wanted to join this fun Blog Hop. Scrapbookers/artists all around the world answering four questions and letting other know a little about their creative process. Then they pass this challenge on to some other artists that they admire. Every monday the Tour Hop On to the next artist! 
I followed the chain backwards a bit and it seems that most of us have no idea who started this? But it´s a very fun initiatives! Hope you will join in! After that you heve red my post you just hop on over to the two girls I would love for you to meet!

1) What am I working on?
I have a million ideas processing in my brain all the time. Because my assignments are so different from one another I can one day create a card, the next day a layout and the third day some altered project. The last weeks have I worked on my kit from C´est Magnifique, projects for the Inzpira Magazine and some cards for Papirdesign and SWE. The last project I worked on is a layout for Once Uopn A Sketch.

Picking out supplies for a fun project!

2) How does my work differ from others of it´s genre?
I think my work differ from some scrapbookers and are very similar to others. Because I create in so many genres I have many different styles. I get my inspiration from many sources like other blogs, magazines, nature, colors and Pinterest. For me it´s not so important to do "my own thing" I just love this hobby and everything that comes along with it.
Maybe the case that I create in so many different genres differs me a bit from other?

A close-up on one of my resent canvases. Messy and fun!

One of my altered projects! Far from a regular layout!

3) Why do I write/create what I do?
I have always had a need of being creative and express myself throw my hands. When I was a young girl I arranged my hand picked flowers in a very specific color order and always arranged my girl room in different color schemes. My brain is working so much better if I can be creative! I love taking photos and then save them in a beautiful way together with scrapbook supplies. I mostly do my scrapbooking and art just for myself! If it sometimes turnes out to be a treasure for somebody else it´s just a nice bonus.

A typical layout from me with layers and lots of flowers.

This is also a layout created by me. Very different from the other but still very ME!

4) How does your writing/creating process work?
I´m either start with a photo, a challenge or supplies and go from there. If I start with a photo I pick out papers and embillishments to fit the photo and theme. If I have a kit I found a photo that fit the kit. Then I start with the background and last I add my flower clusters. That process can take hours. I move around flowers until I feel it´s perfect.

Here I started with a sketch and then played a bit with my background. I often love to add contrasts in some way in my work. Black is perfect for that!

Now I want to introduce you to two amazing and talented scrap friends of mine! First Anna! Anna makes the most gorgeous projects! Always so well performed and all unique! I have never met Anna in person but I hope we will some day! She´s very dear to my heart!

Anna Zaprzelska: Hi, my name is Anna and I live in Poland with my family (my husband and one wonderful son). I discovered scrapbooking in 2009, but did not scrap as consistently as now and never imagined that scrapbooking would become a passion, or that I would have a craft-corner in my home dedicated to the hobby... Now, I’m addicted to scrapping and enjoy creating everyday. Every little thing in my life is just an other reason to create more pages. And, of course, my family has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I love photography and believe that a good photograph can tell a great story and is the beginning of a great page. My style? Layers, layers, layers and a lot of hand-cut elements.

You find Annas blog here: http://ana-brises.blogspot.se/


My next girl is Christin! Christin is a Norwegian girl who lived in Sweden for some years and we have met several times in person. Now she have moved back to Norway. Buhu! She is so sweet and talented! Her style is not at all the same as mine but I often find inspiration from the opposite from me. She makes fun and bright backgrounds and always put her photos in center of attention.

Christin Grönslett: My name is Christin, a 40 year old Norwegian living with husband and two kids, 6 and 4 in a small town south of Oslo. I first came into contact with scrapbooking 11 years ago after a brief stay in the US when I wanted to document our travels when I got home. I never finished the travel albums and I mostly shopped scrapstuff for years. After my daughter was born in 2009 I started scrapbooking a little every day and haven’t looked back since. Now I can’t image hanging out in the couch when the kids are asleep anymore. I want to scrap instead. So after 20 I sneak down to my room in the basement and start playing with paper.
I am a clean an simple scrapper, who just happened who dared to incorporate a few new techniques, but you will never ever see me fill a whole page with patterned paper. I need my white space… Like I need white walls in my house. I don’t scrapbook to document, I am more in it for the fun and to just capture feelings, emotions and the many cute faces my kids make as they grow up. That is also why you don’t see me making a lot of layouts with lots of pictures and why I haven’t jumped on the PL train.
A few strange things about me: I have written a history thesis about American Military Strategy and Norway while maintaining a website about Childrens show from the 1960-90s.. I hate Sitcoms, I have to leave the room if shows like Raymond, King of Queens or other shows in the genre is on. I never do the dishes or take out the trash, my husband is kind enough to do it.
You find Christins blog here: http://umenorskan.blogspot.se/

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jelissa mei sa...

what a great post Ulrika! Not difficult to see why I find your work so inspiring!

Adriana B sa...

wonderful creations, love them all, thanks for sharing :)