onsdag 31 december 2014

:: Favorite cards and alter projects 2014 ::

Time to show some more of my favorite projects from 2014!

A huge thank you to you all who visited my blog 2014! It makes me so happy and warm in my heart to see that people from all over the world actually take the time and visit my blog!
I wish you all beautiful people a amazing 2015 and welcome back to my blog!

1. For C´est Magnifique

2. For C´est Magnifique

3. For Papirdesign

4. For Papirdesign

5. For Papirdesign

6. For Pyssloteket

7. For Lemoncraft

8. For Strömstad Scrapbooking

9. For Inzpira Magazine

10. For SWE Scrapbooking

11. A gift for a teacher

12. A gift for a teacher

 13. For Pyssloteket

14. For Inzpira Magazine and Tresors de Luxe

15. For Inzpira Magazine

16. For Inzpira Magazine and Papirdesign

3 kommentarer:

Maja Stokk / eyovine sa...

WOW Ulrika dina kort, tavlor och alter projekt är helt magiska!

Romy sa...

Wow, so many gorgeous cards and other items! They all look amazing! I already can't wait to see the beautiful creations that you'll come up with in the new year :)

Stephi sa...

åå så fina, underbara alster!
Alltid så välarbetade och genomtänkta.
Jag önskar dig ett år med massa flow och allt annat gott. Du är fin!