fredag 10 november 2017

:: Tips and Tricks with Ulrika aka LillBlomman #5

Tips and Tricks #5 - Sugar Flowers

I love to give my flowers some extra sparkle! Today I will show you my favorite technique when it comes to glitter on flowers. Of course you can use Stickles Glue and other kind of glitter but these two I will show you today is a bit extra cool! Perfect for your winter wonderland cards!

You need flowers and of course I use the best brand when it comes to smaller Roses - those from Wild Orchid Craft! Now you wonder why I like them so much? Besides being really pretty and well performed they are sturdy so that you can add Multimedium without the Roses loses it´s shape. Then you need some kind of Multimedium. Today I use some from 13arts. And then you need Distress Stickles Dry Glitter - Clear Rock Candy and Primas Glass Glitter Pearl.

Dip the Rose in the Multimedium. If you only want the glitter on the tip of the petals be light on the hand. 

I want my glitter all the way in the middle of the petals so I use a brush to spread the Multimedium with.

Now you dip the Rose in the loose glitter. Make sure that you cover the whole Rose.

It´s really hard to take good photos of glitter, sorry for that, but you get a really sparkling Rose that almost feels like glass when it dries.

Now we do the same with some other Roses that I want a different look for. Here I´m after almost a icy look. You know as if the Rose has been outside and the frost or rime got to it.

Here are the result with the Distress Dry Glitter. Looove it! 

And here are the ones with the rime effect on! Gorgeous! Soon you will see these Roses on some of my Christmas Cards!

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Jenny Lythell sa...

Underbart sätt att göra fina blommor hur läckra som helst.

Ann-Marie aka Jozebelle sa...

Tack för den underbara och lättförståeliga demonstration, nu behöver jag bara köpa glitter. :)

The Craft Princess sa...

Beautiful flowers....I love your technique of adding the sparkle. I would love to see how you made the flowers...they are so pretty :) Hugs...Janie