söndag 17 juni 2012

:: Instead of a card ::

I really love my edgepunches! I don´t seem to ever have enough;) When I buy punches from Martha Stewart I allways think how pretty the boxes are and it´s a shame to throw them away! But today I have used my latest punchbox and made a "tittskåp". I don´t know what they called in english? Shadowbox?
This is how the box looked before I got my hands on it:)
Of course I use my pretty papers from Pion for this project! I cut out the sheet with the boy swinging and then two kids looking at him.
To make the window pretty I used one Spellbinder die. I also dabbed a bit of Gesso here and there.
And here you can see were I used my new punch. I think I will give this away instead of a card to someone!


7 kommentarer:

Anna sa...

Åh, vilket fint tittskåp! På engelska skulle jag kalla det för shadow box. Kram!

Fru Söderlund sa...

Jättefint!!!! Ver har du köpt diesen som gör själva fönstret?? Sökt som en galning men huttar ingen.

Lilla Pysselvrån sa...

Vilka bra idéer du har! Blev ju hur fint som helst.
Kram Erica

Maya sa...

Så fint och vilken rolig ide! Jag gillar! :)

Annette sa...

Nämen! Jättegulligt ♥ Och sidan av dig i senaste Inzpira, det du pysslat ihop där var ju också så kreativt och fint. Kram!

Anonym sa...

Very very clever. So beautifully done. Sheila.x

Fru Söderlund sa...
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