onsdag 6 mars 2013

:: SWE cardweek 10 ::

This week we are lifting Rimna at SWE. Rimna was my GD in december 2012 at LillBlomman Skissar and I really love her work! She is a very talented colorist! Way, way better than me but still I have tried to do her card justice.

I really had to struggle not to use my sewing machine this time. I wanted to use the same style as Rimna with the white paint at the edges. So I did!

And lookie, lookie ;) a button! I love buttons but I suck using them on my work. But here it fit so nice and Rimna had used one too.

Hope you liked it!

3 kommentarer:

Cattiegirl sa...

Oh, ett TGF kort! I like!!! :-)

Adriana B sa...

cute card love the colours :)

Lena_J sa...

Fantastisk. Det kuleste kortet jeg har sett på lenge :-)