tisdag 5 mars 2013

:: SWE sketch week 10 ::

I think my hubbie is a hunk ;) If you ask him he think I´m crazy but I do anyway! This photo was taken when he was on his way to a wedding by himself. I was very, very pregnant at the time and was not able to join him. The page is my take on sketch week 10 over at SWE.

I think the paper from Crate was so cute with the scalloped edge in the bottom. And I´m crazy about polkadots :)

It was back in 2008!

Flowers from Prima and my friend Kerstin/Maiden rescued me with a black Rose when I lacked one. Thank you again!

3 kommentarer:

Tess Ekwall sa...

lovely! gillar färgerna och detaljerna passar perfekt. sååå fint!! kram, tess.

Paradise sa...

Superhärlig! :)

Kram Petra

Malin/malwa sa...

Jätteläcker! Gillar färgkombon och "polkadots" är ju sååååå härliga. :)