söndag 18 augusti 2013

:: Back to basic inking ::

Sometimes it´s good to go back to basic and use really simple but striking techniques. Today I played a bit with some of all beutiful Inkido stamps I have in my stamp collection.

You need some Tags, Ink in different colors and stamps.

For my first Tag I used black Ink and a text stamp.

Before you stamp on your Tag dab off some Ink on a scrap paper. You want a light print.

Then select a different stamp to stamp on top of the light print.. I picked a Butterfly and stamped with black again. This time you want a really black print.

For my next Tag I used the same technique but stamped two light prints and then a dark message.

Can you see the cute Butterflie?

On my brown Tag I used the same technique. I used a cute barrow and different text from Inkido.

On the yellow Tag I started to stamp with strong Ink and then it got lighter after every print. I will do more Tags with words on  and create a Mini album.

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