lördag 2 november 2013

:: My second page as GD at Scrap FX ::

This is my second page I did for Scrap FX. If you usually visit my blog you know that I sometimes create pink pages for Viggo. I love colors and don´t give much for seperate girl and boy colors!

I used a Butterfly frame from Scrap FX and painted it in a shiny black. 

I cut off the Butterflies from the frame and dressed them up with rhinestones and layered them with a canvas Butterfly. I think they turned out beautiful!

The wordlets is also from Scrap FX! Love that!

Lots and lots of flowers! You can never have too many ;)

A little bit closer :)

4 kommentarer:

Wilma Voermans sa...

Wow, what a colors, so beautiful!! Fun how the flowers keep under the wall and pop over here and there. And its great how you used such a boyish picture in the flowerexplosion and it looks great!!

Stephi sa...

vilken explosion....så vackert Ullis.Jag häpnar över layouten

JeLiBe@nZ sa...

love the colors !

Pauline sa...

love this layout. Beautiful colors, flowers. They all work well. What paper collection is this?