torsdag 11 september 2014

:: Minion Birthday Party ::

Today I have a long long post! Lots of photos! We had a birthday party for Viggo this weekend that passed and I want to show some photos from it.
We hade a Minion theme party and we had fifteen kids here totally. Here are we waiting for the first guests to arrive. Viggo was thrilled!

I had my nails done with Minions and put on some tattoos with Minions.

During the summer Anna at Pyssloteket let me borrow her Cameo so I could do this fun party invitations.

 Lots of pieces! And I made seventeen of them!

 Getting there!

 Just love them!

 I bought all cardstock at Pyssloteket!

I added them on white cardstocks and 3d pads.

 I made these Minion faces with Sugar paste. My very first time using that, It was really fun!

 I painted a cupcake stnad yellow and put some of Viggos Minions on the top.

Aren´t they cute!

 I ordered a cookie cutter from the US and made this cookies.

I dipped Marshmallows in yellow Candymelt. Then I painted glasses and mouths on them. I also added sugar eyes and liquorice strings. They tasted really good!

 This is how I set the table. I bought everything except from the label on the bottle. I bought some pattern files on the internet and printed them. One easy and fun thing to do.

Of course we hade some games also! Here we blindfolded the kids and they tried to put the glasses on the right spot.

Here I painted some empty plastic bottles and we got Minion Bowling!

I find this on sale and gave it a coat ofyellow paint. I also added some stickers to it.

Last I used a yellow bucket and printed Minion eyes. I painted the balls also.
We had a really really fun party! Before the kids went home they used the "One Minion Dollar" money with a password on the back. They wispered the word at a door and they got a Minion plastic cup filled with candy and other fun stuff to take home.

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Ulrika sa...

OJ OJ OJ!! Så mycket fint!! Vilket fantastiskt jobb du lagt ner!! Ungarna måste haft superkul!!

Stephi sa...

Säger som Ulrika..ojojoj! Vilken supermamma du är!
Lovar att detta blir ett minne för livet!

Jessica Blixt Wendin sa...


Sindra sa...

WOOOOW! Vilket party! Det där skulle mitt barnbarn tokälskat!