måndag 23 oktober 2017

:: Tips and Tricks with Ulrika aka LillBlomman #4 ::

Tips and Trick #4 - Faux Bow

Bows are really nice to add on cards and other projects! But sometimes it´s really hard to get them even and nice. The knot in the middle gets really bulky and not nice at all! We need nice bows so today help is on it´s way crafters! 
Lets´make some faux bows!

 You need some pretty ribbon and mine bow will end up on a christmas card so I use a checkered ribbon. Measure how big you want your bow and cut off the rtibbon after doing as I show you on the photo. I cut my egdes in a inclined angle. 

 When you´re satisfied with the size use a piece of sewing thread around the middle of the bow. Make sure it´s centered. In this state you can choose what side of the bow will be forward or backward. 

 Now you need a short piece of the ribbon to make the knot. 

 Fold the ribbon so the back look like it does on my photo.

 Place the short piece of the ribbon with the flat side down and the side of the bow that will be the front against the back of the short piece of ribbon.

 Use some kind of adhesive to hold the back in place. I think a glue gun is perfect or glue dots. 

Tadaaaa! A perfect and pretty bow!

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