onsdag 18 oktober 2017

:: Tips and Tricks with Ulrika aka LillBlomman #3 ::

Okay so what can we do with a pile of really thin paper napkins? When my son had his birthday party I needed only the boxes and ended up with a huge pile of paper napkins. Of course I could use them for dirty hands and wiping my desk at my studio. But hey it´s much more fun to be creative with them! Let´s create one more background together. 
You need Cardstock or some other kind of paper. Some kind of multimedium I wanted a glossy effect so I used Prima 3d Gloss Gel. You also need a flat brush and of course the paper napkins,

The effect I´m going for here are a wrinkled almost fabric feeling. Firs
t you need to add a good amount of the Gel on the Cardstock. Then you add a paper napkin at the end of the Cardstock and use the brush over the napkin so it sticks to the Cradtsock.

Then you push the napkin up and create cute little wrinkles. Keep doing this until the whole Cardstock is covered with the paper napkin. Make sure that you have covered all of the napkin with the Gel. Otherwise it will be wet agin when you use colors that will be the next step. Let it dry.

For my ATC backgrounds I used Acrylic Ink from Liquitex in the color Deep Violet. I added the Ink with a brush. Next step was some stamping. I used a stamp from a Dylusion stamp kit called Background Love. To get even more feeling of fabric I used my sewing machine and used black sewing thread. I also added some Wax on the edges from Prima in the color Vintage Gold. 

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